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Awesome Uncut Diamond Jewelry- Wedding Collections Under One Roof

Who wouldn’t want to dazzle, shine and stun everyone on one’s wedding day! Rightfully so, your wedding is the most momentous occasion of your life – worry not, there are plenty of choices when it comes to uncut diamond jewelry ExecutiveIce.com has to offer in one of its luxury diamond boutiques.

Uncut diamond earrings are stunning accessories to pair with your wedding dress, be it a lehenga, a saree or a Western wedding gown. Think of a lovely pair of white diamond earrings with yellow gold making an understated presence! Who wouldn’t want these earrings for the best day of their life?

Plenty of options

The wedding collection is inspired by many elements, sometimes by forces of nature, the cosmos, or royalty. Some are inspired by the stars, while other earrings find inspiration are reminiscent of floral and leaf motifs. The choices are varied, but if you are wondering which pair of earrings to buy, you should consider your dress, the shape of your face and the motifs in your dress as well.

Your earrings should also match your hairstyle, face and even your build. If you are petite, you will look good in long earrings. However, don’t overdo the length or bulk. A pair of really large chandelier earrings may not suit a short person so much. Choose earrings that sit well on your earlobes. Drop earrings add a classy, sophisticated touch to your wedding ensemble.

What comes first – your earrings or your wedding dress?

If you are wondering what to buy first – your lehenga/sari or gown or your wedding jewelry, we’ll resolve it for you!

First, choose the best of uncut diamond jewelry ExecutiveIce.com has to offer! Do your research on styles, colors etc. and then make visits to the store. Your wedding earring pair will be an heirloom, one that you will cherish and pass on to the next generation, so make a good investment in a nice pair of uncut diamond earrings.

How to coordinate your jewelry with your dress?

Choose your clothes around your stunning earrings. Choose the neckpiece, bangles, etc. later. If you are buying heavy earrings, you could keep your neckpiece simple or vice-versa. There’s no rule that because you opt for white diamonds, your ensemble also needs to match. In fact, your white diamond earrings will be a perfect foil for a red or green lehenga. A deep rich blue lehenga or saree can be paired with a pair of lovely intricate diamond earrings!

When you opt for a pair of uncut diamond Executive Ice boutiques offer, make sure you check other qualities like the four Cs – color, clarity, carat, and cut. Also, check for certification – some of the certificates by which diamonds are graded include GIA, EGL, and AGS, among others. Visit a credible and reputed luxury diamond boutique in your city to buy jewelry.


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