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The Proven Software, Inc. Team

Proven Software has been writing business applications for over 18 years. All of these applications have been multi-user and most of them could truthfully be described as mission-critical , and are used in real-time must-work situations.

The design team at Proven Software, Inc. includes MBA's in finance and economics as well as top-notch computer scientists and programmers. The Proven Software design team has collective business experience of over 90 years including businesses as diverse as banking, leasing, distribution, real estate, and service business. The members of the team have also been involved Board Members of many community based non-profit organizations. This diverse and practical experience is applied to all Proven Software products and services. Proven Software currently has over 1,000 such mission critical installations in the US and Canada using Proven's software products.

All Proven Software applications are in compiled C, for the greatest capability, speed, and flexibility.

Since 1995, Proven Software has worked exclusively on the linux platform.

Why write an accounting system?

During our 15 years of writing our own mission-critical applications, which demanded quick entry and easy workflow of complex operations, we looked and looked for similar qualities in accounting packages for our clients and for ourselves, but found all of them wanting.

This problem became even worse when the large accounting program developers succumbed to market pressure to go to a gui. This change was resisted and late in coming for good reason. The so called "standards" for screen handling in the graphical environment may have been appropriate for other types of programs, data entry became slower and more awkward to do (the old cliché'; easy to learn but hard to use). But succumb they did with little or no changes to the conventions they had resisted.

There had to be a better answer! That's why we took our expertise in mission critical, time demanding applications and created a new accounting system.

Proven CHOICE enhances your workflow whether using our graphical interface or our time tested character based screens. We threw out the conventions that are simply wrong for most data entry programs and ended up with powerful and rapid entry screens.

Use our character based programs if that maximizes the throughput of your people or simply to save on hardware expense; OR, use our graphical interface with little or no efficiency loss if that's what you prefer; OR, combine different user types in the same system. It's your CHOICE.

Don't let these easy workflows fool you! CHOICE handles complexities and flexibilities beyond many high priced programs without it seeming to be difficult.

  • High Quality

  • Better Workflow

  • More Flexibility

  • Completeness

  • Functionality

  • Better Economy

These are all hallmarks of Proven CHOICE. Not everyone will appreciate these differences but if you do, you've come to the right place.

Why Linux ?

Because it works!!

Users may see the sizzle, but what's most important for good programs is a rock-solid infrastructure. The standards for our own programs are very high, emphasizing the basics first, program stability and database integrity. Most of our applications also are meant to function in a true multi-user mode -- many users able to access the same files at the same time. This requires proper record locking, not kludgy workarounds. Our programs are designed as multi-user from the beginning.

What good is the best program, however, if the operating system which it runs on is unstable? You're a user making accounting entries and some other program crashes the main computer? Simply unacceptable!

We also won't let our users be victimized by record locking schemes which are poorly designed, as is the case of some of the most popular operating systems. That's why we chose Linux. Stable, true multi-user; a rock-solid operating system, just like our programs!

As a potential user, there are two other very good reasons to want your accounting in Linux:

CHOICE & Economy

related to each potential record; in our example, each and every