Genuine Windows 10 Vs Pirated Windows: Why buy genuine?

Microsoft announced they were ending support for Windows 7, which means, you will be badly exposed if you keep the outdated operating system. There are plenty of reasons to ditch Windows 7 and install Windows 10 which Microsoft has widely supported and patched over the years to make it very efficient. You may be thinking, why buy genuine while you can get a pirated copy on the internet for free?  It is true that there are millions of pirated Windows 10 copies, but you are taking significant privacy and financial risks by installing a pirated copy. It is a far much better idea to install genuine Windows 10 for less than $30. For example take a look at the webshop of, they offer retail and official Windows 10 licenses for less than $30.

Here is why:

Drivers support

You need to connect different devices to your computer these days; smartphone, tablet, projector, game consoles, DVD writers and so on. You need drivers for all these peripheral devices. Windows 10 comes loaded with drivers for almost all devices in the market, which means that you just plug your device and use it immediately. This is called hot-plugging where you don’t have to restart your computer to access the connected device.

Security updates

Your machine is exposed to thousands of cyber-attacks every day even though you might not be aware. Hackers are constantly scanning the internet for machines that are vulnerable, meaning security loopholes have not been patched. With Microsoft ceasing support for Windows 7, your computer will be left exposed to these risks.

 Security risks that you are exposed to include:

  • Data theft – This is where hackers go through exposed parts of your computer’s OS to get access to data you have stored on your machine. You can run into financial losses if they access financial data, or have your privacy exposed if you have stored private files on your computer.
  • Malware attacks – Your computer could become hijacked by malicious software that goes on to install other unwanted ads and promotions such that your machine is unusable
  • Resource attacks – This is where attackers install software on the machine and use your computing power illegally to mine bitcoins or attack other machines.
  • Microsoft offers constant security updates for Windows 10 that prevent new attacks as they are discovered.

Avoid lawsuits

While Microsoft is a bit lenient on individuals using pirated Windows copies, it cracks down on hard on businesses using pirated Windows. You could become the subject of a lawsuit if your business is identified by Microsoft, forcing you to pay thousands of dollars.

Buying genuine Windows 10 offers far more benefits than what you risk with pirated copies. For less than $30 you enjoy genuine Windows 10 with all the power and support offered by Microsoft.