Proven Software proudly announces the release of its new Import/Export module for Proven CHOICE® accounting for Linux.

The CHOICE® Import/Export module enables Proven CHOICE® qualified installers to easily import data from other databases such as accounting programs. They will also be able to export data from the Proven CHOICE® to spreadsheets and databases. The export feature allows for the easy creation of specialized reports and customized management tools which utilize accounting data. The common basis for this data migration is delimited or fixed length ascii text files.

CHOICE® Import/Export allows installers much flexibility in meeting the custom requirements of end users. It also allows for the carryover of data from other accounting systems which has been a major stumbling block in upgrading and converting clients to linux from accounting systems on other platforms.

The user interface for CHOICE® Import/Export is very easy to use for anyone familiar with basic data concepts. All data fields are interactively documented for each file. The user may map any number of fields common to the CHOICE® and the targeted/source file. The targetted/source file may have the fields in any order. Import/Export may be applied to all important and appropriate files in Proven CHOICE. The Import/Export screens are graphical interface only. All other Proven CHOICE® programs offer both character and graphical based interface screens.

Proven Software, Inc., the authors of Proven CHOICE, has developed business applications for over 15 years. Proven Software, Inc. has dedicated its development exclusively to Linux for over 5 years.

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