The Meaning of Choice

The Meaning of Choice

Multi-user General Business Package in Linux

"Choice (noun): the power or opportunity of choosing."

GUI (graphical interface or Text based interface or both

Open Item or Balance Forward or both

One-step checks or checks for pre-entered A/R invoices or both

Buyers' Terms: Yes, No, or Many

Finance Charges: Yes, No, or Many

Sellers' Terms: Yes, No, or Many

Payment Discounts: Yes, No or Both

Prepackaged G/L Statements or User Customized Statements or both

Chart of Accounts: user defined format

User Defined Preferences: for every module

Detailed History: in every module - Keep or Purge (at your choice)

"Choice adj.: 1. worthy of being chosen; 2. of high quality."

Rapid Entry:
 screens designed for maximum throughput

Stable & rigorous database

High Performance: compiled C, b-tree

File Walk: an exclusive and powerful capability

Audit Trails: for responsible accounting

Edit Trails: for responsible backup

Help System: uniques item help on every entry field; pulldowns by topic

Shortcuts to related functions from every screen

Proper & reliable record locking, critical for multi-user integrity

The little things that matter such as: easy entry and auto formatting of dates, zip & postal codes, phone #'s, and more

Document history & reprint upon demand for invoices, statements, checks

The Linux operating system

Complete accounting integration among all modules

Time continuity: no awkward procedures or "entry freezes" between fiscal periods